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Spotlock picture

Hemlock High Noon of PracticalCats, "Spotlock"

Champion (CCA) --- Champion (TICA)

born: April 18, 2017 ••• PRA, PKD, and MPSVI-severe negative, COI 2.85%

For several years now, we've been appreciating the amazing spotted tabbies produced by Hemlock Cattery in the UK, and in summer of 2017, we took the plunge and contacted Janet Brownrigg about a breeding boy. After a whirlwind trip on multiple forms of transit, Stephanie brought Spotlock back from a work trip. He is a huge boy, exceptionally vocal, and full of love. He has an amazing earset, fantastic spotting, a wonderful profile, a great body, and a super long tail. He’s started his show career as an adult and will also start his kittening work shortly. We can’t wait to see what this boy will do for us!
Spotlock is an ebony spotted Oriental shorthair in all registries, and carries dilute and pointed.

Thunderstruck portrait

Ayudha Thunderstruck, "Cat at Work"


born: April 19, 2018 ••• All genetic tests clear. COI in progress
"I was shaking at the knees
Could I come again please?
Yeah, the ladies were too kind
You've been... Thunderstruck!
AC/DC "Thunderstruck"

In 2017, we had the wonderful chance to send Practiclalcats Hawthorn King from our H litter to Kalajead Cattery in Sydney Australia. During that process, we had the luck to get to know Shara McKay of Ayudha cattery as well, and after Hawthorn made his long trip to Sydney, Thunderstruck came to live in Canada! He’s an extremely elegant, refined boy with the typical Siamese meow, a lovely long body, whippy tail, and absolutely great ears. He’s not showed extensively though has done well when he has, but is now focusing on his secondary career of baby making!
Thunderstruck is a red point Siamese in most cat registries in the world and a red point Oriental shorthair in some North American registries that limit ancestry of Siamese/Balinese cats to only pointed cats.

Pollux portrait

SousLeSaules Pollux


born: May 22, 2019 ••• All genetic tests clear. COI 0.89%

If personality was the basis for cat show awards, Pollux would be the top winner that we have. He is an absolute rockstar, taking any and everything in stride, full of demanding meows and over the top purrs. He loves cats, dogs, people, everything as long as they pay attention to him. He also has a long whippy tail, the greenest of green eyes, and a perfectly straight profile. He’s a sixth generation Russian blue outcross from the FiFE RUS4OSH project , and is one of our first (but not last) outcrosses to improve genetic diversity in the breed group. He’s also a longhair carrier, so will likely be the father of our first longhair litters after he matures.
Pollux is a blue Oriental shorthair in all registries.

Ulysses portrait

Practicalcats Ulysses


born: September 20, 2019 ••• All genetic tests clear. COI in progress

The truest sorrow of a cat breeder is how hard it is to keep boy kittens. They’re usually related to too many cats in the household, and you can only have so many boys and keep them properly. We’ve had a lot of beautiful boy cats go off to be show alters, but… sometimes you say ‘no, not this one’. Ulysses is turning out to be a stunning boy who will hang around at least long enough to sire a litter or two. He’s got amazingly green eyes, a really beautiful head, and an elegant long body and seems to be a mix of the best of both of his parents. Look for him in the show ring in 2020!
Ulysses is a black (brown) spotted tabby Oriental shorthair in all registries.

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