Hall of Fame
Our cats (bred by us or shown by us) that have obtained a title above Champion

Savuti Flare of PracticalCats

Supreme Master Grand Champion, Supreme Master Grand Premier,
CNW (Kitten, Champion and Alter classes), Triple Crown (CCA)
Grand Champion Alter (TICA)

In the span of eight months, Savuti Flare of Practicalcats became the Fourth Best Kitten in Canada, achieved the highest title the CCA allows (Supreme Master Grand Champion) and also became the Ninth Best Cat in Canada, and one of the first Double Crowns (two national wins in two categories).
She took a break from showing to give birth to our D and F litters — and her son, Practicalcats Firefrorefiddle continued in her footsteps to become our first home bred national winner, Seventh Best Kitten in Canada for 2017 - 2018.
Worry not, though, nothing can keep Flare down. She came back in 2017 - 2018 and became a Supreme Master Grand Premier and the Sixth Best Alter in Canada. She's one of the first female cats to become a Triple Crown (3 x national wins). She’s taking some time off to relax, but will likely come out to enjoy showing in different organizations.
We could not ask for a better show cat, and are forever indebted to her breeder, Linda Patrick, for allowing us to have her.


PracticalCats Idiosyncrasy

Supreme Master Grand Champion, CRW (Champion class) (CCA)
Double Grand Champion (TICA)

Deuce was our first grand champion so it’s truly fitting that our first homebred grand champion is his daughter and nearly clone. She started off the show year slowly but as she matured a little more, took the world by storm, leaping up from the very bottom of the national rankings to finish 15th best cat in Ontario. She’s racked up at least four or five best cats, and just finished off her titles before breeding. She granded at her first TICA show and double-granded at her second.


SiamJewels Macavity

Champion, Supreme Master Grand Premier, Canadian National Winner (CCA)

Born March 27, 2013, Macavity was all the firsts. He was our first stud cat, and our first show cat, and our first national winner. Once he had his fun and produced a number of beautiful kittens, he continued to show as an alter, where he reached his highest accomplishments.
Over time he became less tolerant of young intact males, especially with intact females around, and has now joined a new family, with an entire new set of minions to worship him.


Bengallys Growltiger

Supreme Master Grand Premier, Canadian National Winner (CCA)

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you — Growltiger is most assuredly NOT an Oriental shorthair.
He’s both Practicalcats Official Mascot, and Stephanie’s show alter, allowing her to learn more about another breed. He’s an extremely fun cat to show, and has achieved the highest possible title — Supreme Master Grand Premier, as well as being 12th Best Alter nationally for 2016 - 2017..


PracticalCats Firefrorefiddle

Champion, CNW (Kitten class) (CCA)
Champion (TICA)

At his first show, in his first ring, Frost took best shorthair kitten and best all breed kitten… and that was only the beginning. Showing in three provinces, he got to see Halifax and take a plane flight and charm everyone he met. He ended the 2017 - 2018 show season as Seventh Best Kitten in Canada, and our very first homebred Canadian National Winner.


Bestcats Brilliant Balance

Champion, Double Grand Premier, CRW (Alter class) CCA
Champion Alter (TICA)

Balance’s show career as a champion was sort of a flop — this beautiful boy took his sweet, sweet time maturing, but once he got past his eternal awkwardness, he’s turned out to be an absolutely lovely boy and oh so very sweet. Two of his sons are in this list (Frost and MoonKnight) and he got to come back out and restart his show career as an alter. He’s become a Double Grand Premier and ended the 2017 - 2018 show year as Thirteenth Best Alter in Ontario.


CityCat Captain Carrot

Champion, Canadian National Winner (Kitten Class) (CCA)

Carrot had a blazing show career as a kitten, ending 12th best kitten nationally in 2016.
He loved showing and charmed everybody with his outgoing and extremely sweet nature. Unfortunately a minor injury due to his excessive enthusiasm as a stud cut short his career as a champion. He remains one of the finest show cats we have had to date.


Bestcats Yesterdays Youngsmile

Master Grand Champion, Master Grand Premier, Canadian Regional Winner (CCA)

No one shows like Youngsmile. She is a consummate professional, needing only someone to escort her to the ring, and sucks up to judges like few other cats. Although she’s no longer rocking the body of her youth (and really, who is?), she loves showing so much that she regularly comes out to show kittens the ropes.
She was 13th best alter in Ontario in 2015 - 2016.


Practicalcats Black Jettison

Master Grand Premier, Canadian Regional Winner (CCA)

The son of Deuce and Nightfall, BJ started out his life in a somewhat rough way — his mother rejected him and he was fostered out with several other cats and helped by our good friend Julie Tames. His owner, Tara, claimed him at birth, and he’s been a fun first show cat for her.
He is Practicalcats very first Grand, and we are extremely proud of him. He is currently a Double Grand Premier, and 12th best cat in Ontario for 2016 - 2017.


PracticalCats Flares MoonKnight

Double Grand Premier (CCA)
Grand Champion Alter (TICA)

If the name didn’t give it away, MoonKnight is Flare’s son as well, and Frost’s brother. Owned by the wonderful Tara McKimm, MoonKnight has gotten his Grand Premier title, helping his mother towards her final CCA title, Elite Merit. MoonKnight is a very lovely lilac point boy and is just starting his show career.


SiamJewels Doppelgänger

Double Grand Champion (CCA)

Deuce was a fantastic show cat as a kitten and young male, but his focus on wanting to make more kittens overrode his ability to tolerate other boys around. He achieved the title of Double Grand Champion, and was second best Oriental shorthair in 2015 - 2016.
We’re enjoying his kittens, and he’s gone off to live the quiet retired life with his mate Harley.


SiamJewels Jellylorum

Grand Premier (CCA)

There’s nothing like the first cat. Although Macavity was officially our first show cat, Jelly was our first Grand Premier, and agreed to put herself on such vulgar display at shows in exchange for cheese, though she complained the entire time about the injustice of it all.
Her show career was cut short by some health issues, however we haven’t ruled out another pass out and about.

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