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Flare profile

Savuti Flare of PracticalCats

Supreme Master Grand Champion, Supreme Master Grand Premier,
CNW (Kitten, Champion and Alter classes), Triple Crown (CCA)
Supreme Champion Alter, Regional Winner (TICA)

born: May 04, 2015

From the moment we met Flare, we knew she was special. With her flashy colouring and sweet but demanding personality, she’s won over judges and spectators alike at the shows. In one show year, from September to May, she blazed her way to fourth best kitten nationally, and then switched over and made it to ninth best champion nationally, also winning the top titles available from the CCA and a coveted double crown (two national wins). She had two litters of stunning kittens, several of whom have taken to the show ring, either as alters or as champions. Now she helps us as Nanny and Grandma Flare, every kitten's surrogate mother even into their adulthood, because she LOVES kittens, irrespective of whose they are. She's also come back as an alter to enjoy the limelights again, and received the top title as an alter, as well as her third national win, 6th best alter in Canada, which makes her a triple crown (three national wins), one of the first female cats to do so in the CCA. She’s going to take a bit of a break from showing, but may wander out to other organizations and will, of course, try to win Grandma Of the Year to her grandchildren.
Flare is a seal tortie point Siamese in most organizations in the world, and a seal tortie point Colourpoint Shorthair in registries that limit ancestry of Siamese/Balinese cats to only pointed cats of specific colours.

Jelly sitting

SiamJewels Jellylorum, "Jelly"


born: May 13, 2012

Jellylorum was the beginning of our relationship with Siam Jewels. Despite being a ridiculously small kitten, she terrorized our dogs into doing her will enough that she gained her other nickname, 'The Hater'. She is our first Grand Premier and a delightful cat to show, with a phenomenal long body, deep blue eyes, and a great head shape.
Jellylorum is a chocolate point Siamese in most organizations in the world, and a chocolate point Oriental shorthair in registries that limit ancestry of Siamese/Balinese cats to only pointed cats.

Nemo sitting

JustOriamese Captain Nemo


born: January 14th, 2013

Nemo is perhaps the most important cat in our cattery, despite the fact that he's neutered and does not show due to a tail injury. His job is kitten socializastion, and he is astonishing at it. He calms and befriends all the cats that he meets, encouraging kittens to explore and follow his lead, teaching them the rules of the house and how to play and interact with humans. Uncle Nemo is priceless.
Nemo is a cream mackerel tabby (dilute of red) in every registy in the world.

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