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February 17th, 2020:      We've completed a huge website revamp with all up to date pictures and details on all the cats in our cattery, an updated kitten page with our expected litters, and more to come! Check out the new faces on our queens and our studs for more details!

February 17th, 2020:      Kitten watch begins for our spring litters at Practicalcats. Check out the kitten page for details!

Show year 2018 - 2019:      What a year it was for our cattery! We had 8 regional or national winners in two organizations that we owned or bred.

In CCA, GC Practicalcats Literal Flynn CNW, 4th best kitten in Canada, owned by Katrina and Terry Postma.

In TICA: RW Practicalcats Ballandbiscuit, 17th best kitten in the Great Lakes region, owned by Heather Lorimer.

RW QGC Practicalcats Kanata Sylph, 19th best cat in the Northeast Region, and Best Siamese in the region.

RW TGC Synergy Rana of Practicalcats, 24th best longhair cat in the region and Best Balinese cat and kitten, bred by Heather Lorimer

RW SGC Practicalcats Idiosyncrasy, 16th best shorthair cat in the region, 2nd best Oriental shorthair.

RW SGCA Savuti Flare, 5th best alter in the Northeast Region and best Siamese, bred by Linda Patrick

RW SGCA Practicalcats Flares Moonknight, 8th best alter in the Northeast Region, owned by Tara McKimm

RW QGCA Bestcats Brilliant Balance, tied for 19th best alter in the Northeast Region, bred by Melanie Bestmann

March 28 - 29, 2020:      Tabby Tales Club (TICA) in Morgantown, PA


April 9 - 11, 2020:      Canuck Cat Club (TICA) at the Christmas Canadian Pet Expo at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON


February 17, 2020:      Spring kitten watch is on!

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