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We breed Oriental Shorthair and Siamese cats

Our name (like the names of many of our cats) is inspired by "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" written by T. S. Eliot -- from which also the musical Cats was derived. The cats in the book are described as people, while preserving intact their "cattitude". These are the images of cats that guide us. Cats raised as family members, to be family members.

We are a small CCA, CFA and TICA registered cattery, located just south of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Since the first time we met the Oriental Shorthair breed we fell in love, not just with their beauty but especially with their remarkably interactive personalities, and we'll always be working to do best by these wonderful creatures.
Stephanie has a particular interest in animal behaviour, having worked for over a decade with rescued and rehomed cats, dogs, and parrots, and her goal is creating the best tempered, most well socialized kittens for family pets. Because we are a multi-species household, kittens are raised with cat-friendly dogs and used to seeing parrots around.
Alex simply believes that cats are overlords by nature and should be served.

Because of our interests, we have done extensive research into the scientific knowledge available on the physical and psychological well being of animal companions. While learning is always an ongoing process, we shape our household practices after the conclusions we have drawn to this day. You will find many of our methodologies, and the reasons for them, in the THOUGHTS section of this website, including our position on health and socialization.

Unlike many other catteries, we started with studs and work to allow our males to live free in the household as pets for as long as possible. We may be open to stud services to other catteries, on premises of friendship and established trust.

We show extensively in the CCA and are always happy to talk to interested people at any of the local cat shows. Please check the news page for where you can find us next, or feel free to drop us an email at info@practicalcats.ca. Or if you prefer, find us on Facebook.

And if you become interested in one of our available kittens or older cats, whether as a pet or a breeder, we will want to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS and contact us.

A Trusworthy Veterinarian, Knowledgeable In Reproductive Medicine, Is The Best Friend For A Cat Breeder

   Dr. David Kirkham and the entire staff at Cheltenham Veterinary Centre are a vital part of our cattery. We could not do this without them, and highly recommend them to all new kitten owners.


SIAM JEWELS CATTERY  =====  Our good friend and sister cattery, responsible for many of our foundation cats.

BESTCATS CATTERY  =====  The wonderful cattery in Hamburg, Germany, who made our 4 German cats.

SAVUTI SIAMESE  =====  The breeder in Michigan who made Flare, one of the dream cats that complete our search for the ideal body type we strive for.

INKSSPOTS CATTERY  =====  The cattery in Washington State who, by breeding Electra, allowed us to lay further foundations to our Red Project.

JUST ORIAMESE CATTERY  =====  Among the top breeders in Ontario, who are responsible for Uncle Nemo and for our falling in love with OSH cats.

PRECIOUSPOINT CATTERY  =====  Our friends in St Catherines and their amazing cats.

CHATTERIE BENGALLYS  =====  If you ever want a Bengal, you should get a Bengallys. They are incredibly beautiful, bred with the sweetest temperament in the world, which is pretty rare. Besides, Bengallys are starting to breed Orientals too! Keep an eye on these charming felines and their folks.

MOTOR CITY CAT CLUB  =====  Practicalcats is now part of the Motor City Cat Club, and will be assisting in the running of the yearly April show in Whitby.

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